JORGE RAMOS: Meet the republican Women Who Dumped Trump

 The group Republican Women for Hillary is working in eight different states, including battlegrounds like Florida and Ohio, to share the message: “You can be a Republican and vote for Hillary Clinton.”

CNN: More women voting early in key states

Amy Kremer & Jennifer Lim discuss how women voters will vote this election with Christi Paul on New Day Weekend.

HUFFINGTON POST: Why Hillary Is America’s Last Best Hope 

According to Republicans Willing to Risk it All


Revealing horrible mail they get from their own party

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NY TIMES: Abandoning Donald Trump and, for Some Women, the G.O.P., Too

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Real or Fake Starring Republican Women for Hillary

REVELIST: This Republican's epic tweet stream shows why so many GOP women are ditching Trump

MARIE CLAIRE: Why I, a Republican, Am Voting for Hillary Clinton

Lifelong GOP die-hard Jennifer Pierotti Lim on jumping ship.

ORLANDO POLITICAL OBSERVER: Republican Women for Hillary President Jennifer Lim campaigns in Orlando

Jennifer Lim, the Republican Women for Hillary President, was in East Orlando on Saturday afternoon, to discuss why undecided voters should support the former Secretary of State over GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump.


YAHOO NEWS: Trump's focus on weight, appearance could turn away female voters

Charges of sexism have reigned during this week’s press coverage of Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency.  According to the poll, women are also likelier than men, by a 12-point margin, to doubt Trump’s personality and temperament.


#WhyImWithHer: Republicans for Hillary Founder, Jennifer P. Lim

Hillary for Wisconsin sat down with Republicans for Hillary co-founder, Jenny Lim, to talk about the importance of voting — and volunteering — for Hillary Clinton.


WALL STREET JOURNAL: Clinton Campaign Aims to Recruit Cohort of GOP Backers in States

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is now working to create state-based groups of Republicans backing her for president...

THE HILL: Republican Women for Hillary aim to 'protect GOP from Trump'

The group Republican Women for Hillary say they are uniting behind the Democratic presidential nominee in an effort to “protect the Republican party from further damage

GLAMOUR: WHY THESE Republican Women Are VOTING for Hillary

If you’re a young Republican woman, firmly believing in limited government, free market capitalism, a strong national defense, and the same basic liberties for all, what are you to do when your party nominates Donald Trump?

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT: The Reasoning Behind Republicans for Clinton

The list seems to grow longer every day: Republicans, including elected officials, GOP power brokers and behind-the-scenes operatives, are turning their backs on Trump.

THE NY TIMES: What Made Two Republican Women Back Hillary

“This Republican is voting for Hillary Clinton,” Jennifer Pierotti Lim proclaimed at the Democratic convention last month. That’s becoming a more common refrain lately.

THE NY TIMES: Donald Trump's support among republican women starts to slide

Of all the tribulations facing Donald J. Trump, perhaps none is stirring as much anxiety inside his campaign as the precipitous decline of support from Republican women.